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May 5, 2021

Type W and Type G-GC Industrial Power Cables

power lines with the sunset in the backgroundIf you need to carry a lot of current to a source and need added protection and durability for outdoor use then a Type W or Type G-GC cable might be the one for your application. Industrial power cables are enlarged SOOW cables with added protection, higher voltage and much higher ampacities that are portable for use on job sites that don’t currently have power available.

SOOW cable has sizes as large as 2 awg with 4 conductors and ampacities as high as 95 on the SOOW 2/3. SOOW and SJOOW are portable power cables for residential use such as portable generators and power tools. They come in 600 volts with a rubber EPDM jacket and flexible copper strands.

Type W is an industrial power cable as small as 8 awg and as large as 500 mcm 3 conductor. Type W comes in 2000 volts with the same rubber EPDM jacket and flexible copper strands. The type W power cable 8 awg 3 conductor carries 74 AMPS while the SOOW 8 awg 3 conductor only carries 40 AMPS. Industrial power cables have much thicker insulation for higher voltage and higher ampacities.

Type W comes with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 conductors and one will be green to act as a same size ground wire. There are not any additional ground wires in Type W cable. Type G and G-GC cable come additional ground wires if you need them for your application.

Type G-GC is a 2000 volt power cable that comes in 3 conductors with 3 additional ground wires only. There will be 3 conductors in the same size with 1 yellow ground check and 2 green ground wires that get slightly larger as the cable gets higher in awg size.

Type G is the 4 conductor industrial power cable with 4 green ground wires. All of the Type W and Type G cables comes in 90°C and all of the ground wires are insulated with premium grade EPDM rubber insulation. They’re resistant to abrasion, oils, alkalies, heat, moisture and most chemicals. They’re UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS compliant through an ISO 9001 compliant company, WesBell Electronics.

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