WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics, Inc has been cutting and stripping hook up wire for over 25 years. We became ISO 9001 Certified in order to improve our customer service and quality of product. These days anyone can sell wire and cable at a fair price so we like to stand out as a supplier with On Time Delivery and 100% customer satisfaction. Our ISO certification proves that and also helps us improve our business each day to further service our customers.

Value Added Services

Striping Hook Up Wire

Striping Wire

Hook up wire is manufactured in 10 major colors. There are also 10 colors available as spiral stripes. It's important to have multiple colors readily available for wire harnesses that have numerous lead wires involved. Striping solves that issue.

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Twisting Hook Up Wire

Twisting Wire

Twisted wires are used when 2, 3 or 4 lead wires are connecting to the same spot and jacket protection isn't necessary. It keeps the application neat and organized. Twisted hook up wire also helps block EMI for applications where interference is an issue.

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Cutting Hook Up Wire

It's doubtful that companies are buying 1000' rolls of hook up wire to make a connection 1000' long. You can now purchase cut wire on our website with ease! Once you find the type of lead wire you need it will direct you to cutting and stripping it.

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Tin Dipping Wire

When hook up wire is cut to length you'll have the option of a "semi-strip" or "full strip". Semi-stripped wire leaves a piece of insulation at each end so that the copper strands don't fray during shipment. To avoid frayed wire and a mess of insulation pieces, choose "full strip" and get the ends tin dipped. The additional tin will also help in the soldering process.

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Soldering Hook Up Wire

WesBell Electronics is an ISO9001 certified company that manufactures wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Soldering is usually needed to connect a terminal to a wire or a wire to a board. We manufacture parts for GE which means we need to have strict quality procedures in place, not just for customers that ask, but for all of our customers.

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Crimping Terminals

Pricing for crimping terminals to the ends of hook up wire will need to be discussed over the phone or through email. Each terminal is specific to the application and there are thousands available. We want to be sure that we're manufacturing the correct lead wire and terminal together to minimize waste. If you have a data sheet please send it to us via email and we'll quote it for you with a 2-3 week turn-around.

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Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses are manufactured with multiple lead wires, terminals and plastic housing. WesBell keeps the length within 1/16" and pull test the lead wires once terminated. We have many tools in stock so that you won't have to purchase them in addition to the wire harnesses. However, if we need to purchase a tool for your particular harness then will we let you know about the added cost and we'll make sure to lower your price on the 2nd purchase because the tooling will be paid for at that point.

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Cable Assemblies

Welding cable assemblies, electronic cable assemblies, portable cord pig tails, crimping, soldering, conductivity testing and plenty of quality management to manufacture exactly what you need. We have hundreds of crimping hand tools, automated press crimp applicators, wire cutting machings, tubing cutter machines and plenty of inventory to quote fast deliveries and large quanitites.

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