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Burndy® YAZV26-2TC38-FX

2/0 Two Hole Long Barrel

Burndy YAZV26-2TC38-FX


  • UL Approved
  • CSA Approved
  • RoHS Compliant




  • 2/0 Compression Lug
  • Two hole: Size 3/8"
  • 90°C
  • 600-35kV Volts


  • Color Coded
  • Inspection Window
  • Electro Tin Plated
  • Beveled Entry

    1 pc $7.68/ea
    100 pcs $665.33



    Burndy® YAZV26-2TC38-FX is a 2/0 two hole long barrel compression lug. It's used on flexible cables such as welding cable and DLO cable. If you need compression lugs for non flexible cables then make sure there isn't an "FX" designation on the end of the part number. The two stud holes and longer barrel help keep the lug still during vibration.

    We also have Burndy® crimping tools available if you're crimping the lugs yourself.