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Welding Cable Information

Copper Welding Cable Sometimes people call us and all they know is the awg size of the wire or cable that they need. So we start asking questions to figure out what you might be looking for. The first thing we ask is if itís an electrical wire or a power cable. If theyíre unsure of the answer then we start questioning the application. Most types of wire and cable provide the same amps based on the size so we have to figure out the right insulation for the situation.

If itís going outdoors and youíre putting it in conduit then youíll need the electrical wire called THHN wire. If you need more than one conductor then we would suggest running 2 THHN wires or a tray cable. The wires inside the cable are the same as the singles wires but wrapped together for easier installation.

If you needed something for your welder or garage then I would recommend a welding cable or even a flexible welding cable. It has a rubber jacket which is made durable for being banged around the garage or shed areas. Itís tough enough to be run over, walked over and even dragged on concrete. PVC insulation on the electrical wire isnít made very durable because it isnít needed for the application. Itís being put in conduit for the life of the wire which might come across some water and oil. So the THHN wire was made with a nylon coating for just that.

Welding cable is usually always just a one conductor cable. Thereís portable cord or SO cable thatís similar but still a little different. SOOW cable is just like an extension cord that has indoor jackets, outdoor jackets and extreme weather jackets. All of the different power cables are priced based on the amount of copper and then the type of insulation. The insulation comes into play a lot more with pricing power cable because of the amount rubber. The electrical cables only have a cheap PVC insulation so itís easier, quicker and cheaper to make.

Welding Cable Info
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