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Welding Cable Information

Welding Cable Welding cable is a one of a kind cable because its term means what it means. If you wanted electrical wire you would need to answer about 5 more questions before finding what you need. You could be looking for THHN wire, Romex®, UFB cable and even service entrance cable. They each have their own function for different applications.

If someone called looking for welding cable the only thing you would need to as them is how flexible they want it. The standard welding cable is already very flexible compared to electrical wire or power cables and some people don't realize that. The flexible welding cable comes in an orange jacket and it's called Super Vu-Tron welding cable. It has smaller strands which make the cable more flexible and it has a more rugged outer jacket to protect against daily industrial damage. This cable is used on job sites to very large welders or as a power cable supplying power to generators and industrial machinery. This type of welding cable is run over and dragged around each job site so it needs the extra protection.

You definitely can't confuse it with battery cable. Battery cable doesn't need to be made flexible or tough because it was made for a different application that doesn't require that. Battery cable also has a pvc jacket which doesn't compare to the welding cables rubber jacket. You will find that the battery cable is much cheaper and when you receive it you will see why.

If you need something with a high voltage rating you should look at a DLO cable (Locomotive Cable). It is a little bit less flexible but it has a 2000 Volt rating instead of the welding cable 600 Volt. The Type W power cable also has a higher voltage rating and it comes in multi conductor as well. Type W is like an industrial size extension cord used in very high power applications.

Welding Cable Info
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