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UL Approved Welding Cable

Standard Welding Cable

UL Approved Welding Cable Standard welding cable is not UL or CSA approved but it is MSHA and RoHS approved. Typically, welding cable is used by home owners and small shops to supply power to a welder or small 600 volt machine. The cable has protective insulation so that it doesn't rip or tare when being dragged along the shop or garage floor.

UL Approved

UL is Underwriters Laboratories and they are in business to double check the attributes that are listed on wire and cable. Therefore, UL tests and approves Super Vu-Tron welding cable to perform to the standards that are presented on the spec sheet. Super Vu-Tron is an upgraded welding cable mostly used in industrial applications supplying power to larger machines that also require more protection.

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Super Welding Cable
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