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UL1007 Wire UL1015 Wire Type E Wire

UL1007 Hook Up Wire

300 Volt PVC Lead Wire


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  • Stranded Tinned Copper, Color Coded
  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Insulation, .016 Insulation Thickness
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
  • Voltage Rating: 300 Volts


  • Internal wiring of appliances and electronics


  • UL1007 300 Volts 80°C
  • UL1569 300 Volts 105°C
  • CSA Approved Type TR-64 300V 90°C
  • Passes UL VW-1 Flame Test

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Part Number AWG Size Stranding Outer Diameter Weight per 1000'
1007-28 28 7/36 .047" 2 lbs
1007-26 26 7/34 .051" 2 lbs
1007-24 24 7/32 .057" 3 lbs
1007-22 22 7/30 .064" 4 lbs
1007-20 20 10/30 .071" 5 lbs
1007-18 18 16/30 .081" 7 lbs
1007-16 16 26/30 .094" 11 lbs





UL1007 300 Volt PVC Lead Wire Information

UL1007 Wire

UL1007 wire is dual rated with UL1569 which are both approvals given by Underwriters Laboratories.

Companies that manufacture UL1007 / UL1569 wire test the insulation to the maximum amount, however having a 3rd party that also tests and approves the wire for 300 volts and 105°C gives the end user a more secure feeling that it will perform the same at its maximum voltage and temperature rating. Therefore, the UL style numbers have become very popular in the hook up wire industry.

UL1007 is also known as a PVC 300 Volt lead wire, appliance wire, hook up wire, electronic lead wire and more. Any of these terms can be used to describe your particular single conductor wire so make sure you look at the attributes that each type has to offer. For instance, UL1015 wire is rated for 600 volts but can also be described as all of the terms just mentioned. Look at the voltage and temperature rating to make sure it can handle your applications environment.

3 Most Common Types of Hook Up Wire

1. UL1007 wire: 300 volts, 105°C, PVC insulation for indoor appliances and electronics.

2. UL1015 wire: 600 volts, 105°C, PVC insulation for indoor appliances and electronics.

3. Type E wire: 600 volts, 200°C, PTFE insulation for high temperature indoor applications.

Each type of hook up wire has slight differences for each different application. Make sure you ask your wire and cable supplier questions so that you understand what you're buying and know that it can last in the application you have.

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