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SOOW 4/5 Portable Power Cable

SOOW 4/5 Portable Power Cable


  • MSHA Approved and RoHS Compliant

  • S- Heavy Duty rubber power cord
  • O- Oil resistant conductors
  • O- Oil resistant rubber jacket
  • W- Water resistant




  • Flexible stranded bare copper
  • 600 Volts
  • Outer Diameter - 1.10"
  • Black Jacket - Black, White, Red, Orange and Green conductors


    • Rubber CPE Jacket
    • Premium grade EPDM insulation
    • 48 AMPS
    • Used for portable power, power tools, control circuits, and construction equipment
    • Exact Cut Lengths! Buy "Per Foot" and increase quantity to the exact amount you need.

      Per Foot $5.02/'
      500' $2315.38
      1000' $4300.00



      SOOW 4/5 is a 600 Volt portable cord product that we keep in stock and cut to length for our customers. This 4 awg 5 conductor power cable is used to bring electricity to power tools, portable equipment, control circuits, and construction equipment. It has a rubber CPE jacket with premium PVC insulation covering the copper strands. Each wire inside is color coded in the following order: (1) Black, (2) White, (3) Green, (4) Red, (5) Orange, (6) Blue, (7) White/Black, (8) Red/Black, (9) Green Black, and (10) Orange/Black. SOOW cables reach a temperature of 90°C and are offered in 18 awg through 10 awg with a UL, CSA and MSHA marking on the cable. The 8 awg through 2 awg are only UL or CSA approved upon request. See our SJOOW Cable for a 300 volt version or our Type W Cable for a 2000 volt version.

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