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Romex® Wire Information

Romex Wire Romex® wire is a type of electrical wire that was made for an easier installation. It is made up of 2 or 3 conductors of THHN wire with a thin PVC jacket over them so that electrical contractors can run 3 wires through a house at once. Otherwise they would just use the THHN wires individually.

Romex® wire comes in different sizes depending on how much power needs to be run. The Romex® 14/2 and 14/3 have a white jacket, the Romex® 12/2 and 12/3 have a yellow jacket and the Romex® 10/2 and 10/3 come in the orange jacket. The color only represents the awg size of the wires inside the jacket so that an electrician knows what size it is by looking at it. You should always speak to an electricain before trying to pick a awg size yourself because there are many different factors to think about first. They will ask you the proper questions to get the information that they need and then run the calculation for the right awg size. You can ask your electrcian about any type of electrical wire and they'll be glad to help.

We get a lot of phone calls where people ask if the wire we sell is real copper. All wire made in the USA must be made to certain standards and they have to be approved. As long as the wire is made domestically then you can be assured you're getting the right product. We buy all of our wire and cable from the largest most reliable manufactures in the industry. It takes a long time to buy wire and cable from places like South Wire or General Cable because they require large stocking orders and year end minimums. If you don't meet the requirements then they don't have to sell to you. Not only does that mean we sell a good quality product but also that we have the cheapest price.

If your product says Romex® on it then that means South Wire made it because it's a brand name that South Wire owns. So that also means you're getting a product that came from the best in the business.

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