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NMB Cable Acronym

NMB Cable Acronym NMB cable sands for Non-Metallic Sheathed cable. It's specified as non-metallic because it has a PVC jacket and it's used indoors only. Metallic Cable, or MC cable, uses an aluminum interlocked armor for a jacket because it also works as a conduit for indoor applications. NMB cable would need to be installed in duct or conduit if it were being used in the same application as MC cable.

Romex® NMB Cable

Romex® is a brand name of NMB cable created by Southwire. Southwire also branded the name SIMpull® because their special jacket is easy to pull through conduit. Southwire has been designing and manufacturing electrical cables for years and they're known as a reputable supplier of USA made products in the industry.

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NMB Cable

You can buy NMB cable from any number of manufacturers that also design a great cable. It's manufactured with copper strands, Thermoplastic insulation and a PVC jacket. It's manufactured in a cost effective way for the most basic of applications. That doesn't mean the copper is drawn in China, it's 100% manufactured in the USA. I'm talking about the protection from the jacket and insulation only being sufficient enough for indoor applications. Environmental conditions will tear the insulation apart long before it's expected life.

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