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PTFE Wire Infomation - High Temperature Wire

PTFE Wire It seems like people get used to a certain term for wire and cable and use it no matter what. Electrical wire and PTFE wire are both actually types of Hook up wire but customers use the term they like most.

I had a customer call the other day that wanted electrical wire that was actually tinned copper PVC wire instead. Electrical wire is bare copper with only 19 strands of bare copper. PVC wire has more flexible stranding with tinned copper instead of bare. The electrical wire also has a nylon coating for moisture protection.

PTFE wire has the high temperature jacket that can withstand much higher temperatures than PVC wire or electrical wire. They also make PTFE cables that have the high temperature wires inside and the PTFE jacket as well. PTFE wire and cable is very hard to manufacture because it gets so hot that the wire breaks as it's being made. So it's standard to get 1000 feet of a PTFE cable in 100-150' increments.

If you use heat shrink tubing then you know a heat gun over PVC wire will melt it back a little bit. That wont happen with PTFE wire because it can take a much higher temperature. It happens with a solder gun sometimes too because the tip of the solder gun might be too close to the insulation.

We know the difference between all types of wire and cable because we deal with it each day. We get a lot of questions that are routine and some that we need to do some research for. Sometimes people are just looking for a hook up wire for a small project which is why we offer 100' spools for cheap. It obviously gets cheaper per foot if you buy bulk wire but it's still very cost effective if you're just looking for a little bit or wire.

Please call with any questions you might have.