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Cutting and Stripping Hook Up Wire

By Hand

Cutting and Stripping Hook Up Wire The cheapest way to cut and strip hook up wire is by hand. You can buy a pair of wire strippers that will cut lead wires and strip the insulation off without damaging the copper strands. Each hole in the pair of wire strippers has a number that relates to the AWG of the wire you're cutting. Make sure to put 24 AWG wire in the number 24 slot because it cuts down to the diameter of 24 AWG.

Once your hook up wire is cut and stripped the copper strands can fray. You can use your finger tips to twist the strands back together and add a small amount of solder so that they cannot fray again. That will also ensure a secure connection of all the strands to the device.

Hook Up Wire Stripping Machine

Cutting Hook Up Wire If you plan on cutting and stripping wire for a living you might want to consider buying a machine that automates the process. You can set the machine to cut the hook up wire to 7 inches with a 1/8" strip on both ends. Then you'll feed the wire through and it cuts about 5000 pieces per hour. Even though it's a machine perfection isn't guaranteed. I suggest setting it for about 1000 pieces at a time so that you can double check the length and make any necessary tweaks that need to be done.

WesBell Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified company that cuts and strips hook up wire. We have strict procedures that state how to check quality such as, "check the length and strip of 10 out of 1000 pieces to ensure quality of product." We've been getting endless feedback from customers about the quality of our parts and merit the compliments to our ISO certificate.

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