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3 Types of PVC Hook Up Wire

1. Basic PVC Hook Up Wire

3 Types of PVC Hook Up WireBasic PVC hook up wire comes in 300 and 600 volts and it can be purchased on many online websites including this one. It's rated to withstand 105°C and many solvents, gasses and oils. These lead wires are commonly used in wire harnesses that are placed in electronic devices and appliances that require lighting or controls. Each switch or light will need a wire connection to be turned on and off.

2. Irradiated PVC Hook Up Wire

Irradiated hook up wire is also known as solder resistant hook up wire because it resists solder iron heat during the assembly process. Most times, lead wires are cut to length and a small amount of insulation is stripped to expose the copper strands. The copper strands are then connected to a circuit board or a terminal for a wire harness. This process often requires the use of solder and it's applied at very high temperatures that normally melt basic PVC insulation. That problem was fixed with irradiated PVC insulation. I suggest using it when using a solder iron to protect the insulation which, in turn, protects the copper strands.

3. Alpha PVC ECO Wire

Alpha Wire recently designed their brand of ECO wire which is environmentally friendly PVC hook up wire. "Going Green" is a term that can be used to describe Alpha's very popular ECO and ECO plus lead wire. It's manufactured with a more durable PVC insulation that can withstand much more than your average lead wire. The best part is that the ECO wire insulation doesn't harm any part of the environment during production. Alpha Wire has always been a few steps ahead in the industry with a high quality product.

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