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3 Hook Up Wire Characteristics to Remember

Copper Strands

3 Hook Up Wire Characteristics to RememberHook up wire is manufactured with a solid copper strand or thinly woven copper strands. Using thin copper strands will make the wire more flexible for those applications that need bend ability. A solid strand of copper will keep the wire stiff so that it can be molded into the necessary position and remain there.

Tin Coating

There is typically a tin coating over the bare copper strands, which was enforced to help adhere to solder. Before tinned copper strands it was difficult to stick solder to bare copper when manufacturing wire harnesses and assemblies. Now, the tin will slightly melt and form with the solder to make a much quicker and more secure connection between the hook up wire and solder.


PVC insulation is the most basic type for standard electronic hook up wire. Lead wires are use in electronics and appliances that could be in the setting of different temperatures, environments and amounts of power. Taking all of the necessary characteristics in mind will help you make your money last longer. In other words, make sure the temperature of the hook up wire insulation exceeds the temperature setting it will be placed in. Also be sure that the environment doesn't create any additional problems for the insulation such as water, gas, oil and solvents that could eat away at the insulation if it doesn't have the proper resistance.

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