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Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing Information

WesBell also sells heat shrink tubing as a added accessory because a lot of customers who buy wire and cable products also have the need for shrinkable tubing. There are a few different types and even some tubing that doesn't shrink at all.

There is the basic polyolefin tubing which is a 2:1 heat shrink ratio. That means 1 inch tubing will shrink to 1/2 inch. You want your hook up wire to be right in the middle because it needs to really grab onto the wire when it's shrinking. Otherwise it will slip around and you might be able to pull it right off. If you use tubing that's too small then it might tear it because it's trying to shrink so much more than it's allowed to.

Then you can get the same polyolefin heat shrink tubing in the 3:1 or even 4:1 shrink ratio. This also comes with an adhesive glue on the inside so that you can permanently shrink the tubing on to the hook up wire. If you do that it will be very difficult to remove the tubing and if you're able to then if will still have residue all over the wire.

WesBell can cut heat shrink tubing into exact lengths for you at a very low cost. We have machinery to do it very quickly and precisely. We cut thousands and thousands of tubing pieces per day for our customers along with cutting and stripping wire and cable as well. Some customers even want us to cut and strip the wire, put a terminal on the end and a piece of heat shrink tubing over that to make it look nice. We have a large production area with skilled employees working very hard.

We can make assemblies with any type of wire or cable that you might have for a project. We will give very competitive pricing along with great customer service so that you can impress your customer as well. Hook up wire, electrical wire and all types of power cable is our game and we play it well. We get the best pricing available because we buy our wire and cable straight from the manufacturer.

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