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How to Trade Excess Electrical Wire for Cash

Save All of Your Electrical Wire

How to Trade Excess Electrical Wire for CashMake sure you save all of your copper electrical wire so that you can turn the excess into cash. Copper is worth a lot of money right now, $3.30/lb to be exact (Oct. 2013). A metal scrap yard will offer you about $2.80/lb of pure copper because they need to melt the insulation off and sell the copper for a profit. Saving copper wire is like saving change because it adds up quicker than you think.

Metal Scrap Yards

In order to get cash for your copper you will need to bring it to the nearest metal scrap yard. They will weigh it and let you know the going rate for the type of copper you have. THHN building wire for instance, will get you a higher rate of return than an extension cord. Extension cords use very thin strands of copper and an expensive rubber jacket to make them more flexible. Those hurt your chances of getting $2.80/lb for the copper weight because of the additional work the scrap yard needs to do.


Cold hard CASH is what you will receive when you bring your excess electrical wire to the scrap yard. They don't give checks or receipts which make it an attractive method for thieves to steal wire and turn it into cash.

Just remember to save your excess electrical wire in a safe place. Telling people what you're up to is like telling people where you stash your money away. I suggest trading it for cash whenever you reach 50-100 pounds because it's worth in the area of $150 to $300.

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