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Electrical Wire Scam

Electrical Wire Scam Copper is worth money, therefore copper wire is worth money. Did you know that the walls of your home are filled with expensive copper wire that thieves want to get their hands on? Do you know what they do with it once they steal it from you?

Difficult to Trace

When a thief steals copper wire from a home or building they bring it directly to a scrap yard. This is similar to bringing old jewelry to "Cash for Gold" locations in order to get CASH for your jewels. If you've never been to a scrap yard just imagine a junk yard because the look of both are fairly close.

A scrap yard isn't the type of place that gives you great customer service and a receipt for your transaction. They're the type that take any copper from any person at any time and melt it down immediately so that there isn't a trace of it at all.

Electrical Wire Scam

1. Steal credit cards

2. Purchase copper electrical wire online

3. Bring it to the scrap yard

4. Run away

The funny part here is that the police cannot, and will not, track down the culprit. There are too many jurisdiction issues for them to catch the criminal. The situation ends up in an argument between the supplier of electrical wire and the credit card company because the individual who's card was stolen won't be paying the bill.

Avoiding the Scam as a Supplier

1. First Flag: Suppliers should make sure to check the shipping address of the credit card before shipping the electrical wire. 2. Second Flag: Check the sale price of the wire. Typically, these "individuals" purchase online so that they don't have to talk to anyone in person. If you're smiling because you made great profit on a large order it's probably too good to be true. 3. You should call and have a conversation with the person to be sure that it's a legitimate purchase. Ask them a few questions to feel out what they're doing with it and let them know you have to ship it to the same address that's on the credit card.

I hope everyone avoids these scammers! They're everywhere!

Please call with any questions you might have.