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Romex® 14/2 Electrical Wire Special

Romex 14/2 WireWe're currently running a special on Romex® 14/2 cable, 250' coils at: $63.53. NMB wire 14 AWG 2 conductor with ground is the most common type of household electrical wire in the industry. It takes a small amount of power from the electrical box and runs up to light switches and outlets throughout your home. A separate cable is used for each outlet and switch because each requires a hot, neutral and ground wire.

All Romex®, or NMB cables, must stay indoors. They cannot run outdoors at all because they don't have enough protection to withstand outdoor conditions. You can pay slightly more for a UFB 14/2 cable that runs indoors, outdoors and directly underground without conduit. Each conductor is covered individually by the thick durable PVC jacket.

We ONLY sell the best quality Southwire SimPull Romex® brand so that our customers can make their money last as long as possible.

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