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NM-B Electrical Wire

Southwire Romex® Brand Non Metallic Cable


  • NM-B Electrical WireSouthwire Brand NM-B Electrical Wire is manufactured as their own Romex® Brand material. It's still an indoor-only electrical cable used to bring power to the lights, outlets and appliances throughout your home or building.

  • 600 volts for installation indoors only! Not outdoors or in conduit outdoors

  • Electrical wiring from the electrical box in your basement to anything that needs power in your home

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  • Conductor of soft drawn bare copper

  • The conductors have THHN THWN Insulation of PVC with nylon jacket

  • Additional bare copper ground wire

  • UL listed Standards 83 and 1063 as: Type THHN 90°C in dry locations, Type THWN 75°C in wet locations

  • Thin PVC Jacket

  • Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only) 105°C AWM, 80°C where exposed to oil (MTW approval for conductors)


Part Number AWG Size Ground Stranding Pounds per 1000'
Romex® NM-B 14/2 14/2 14 Solid Solid 57 lbs
Romex® NM-B 12/2 12/2 12 Solid Solid 82 lbs
Romex® NM-B 10/2 10/2 10 Solid Solid 124 lbs
Romex® NM-B 8/2 8/2 10 Solid 7 Strands 186 lbs
Romex® NM-B 6/2 6/2 10 Solid 7 Strands 255 lbs
Romex® NM-B 14/3 14/3 14 Solid Solid 74 lbs
Romex® NM-B 12/3 12/3 12 Solid Solid 107 lbs
Romex® NM-B 10/3 10/3 10 Solid Solid 164 lbs
Romex® NM-B 8/3 8/3 10 Solid 7 Strands 253 lbs
Romex® NM-B 6/3 6/3 10 Solid 7 Strands 357 lbs
Romex® NM-B 4/3 4/3 8 Stranded 7 Strands 560 lbs
Romex® NM-B 2/3 2/3 8 Stranded 7 Strands 816 lbs

NMB Electrical Wire

NMB electrical wire is the most popular type of electrical wiring used in homes and buildings. It's a Southwire Brand Romex® electrical cable with THHN THWN conductors and a bare copper ground wire. Wrapping all of the conductors together is a PVC jacket suited for indoor installations only. It's not approved to be used outdoors, outdoors in conduit, or underground in conduit. The jacket is not engineered for protection, rather it's engineered to bundle multiple conductors together for a neat look and easy installation.

Buy THHN THWN Wire here if you only need the single electrical wires rather than the entire cable with multips conductors. We also have other types of hook up wire available that's much more flexible but more often used in electronics than wiring of homes and buildings.

Our online electrical wire pricing is updated daily to be sure it's up to date for our customers.

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