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Alpha SO Electrical Wire

Alpha SO Electrical Wire

Unshielded Neoprene Cable


  • Stranded bare copper
  • Good flexibility


  • Color-coded PVC insulation
  • 600 Volts
  • UL Approved
  • CSA Approved
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Motor Controls
  • In Plant Power Distribution
  • Power supply not exceeding 600 volts

Part Number AWG Size Conductors O.D. Weight / 1000'
Alpha wire 1934/3 18 3 .38" 84 LBS
Alpha wire 1935/3 16 3 .40" 103 LBS
Alpha wire 1936/3 14 3 .55" 172 LBS
Alpha wire 1937/3 12 3 .62" 229 LBS
Alpha wire 1938/3 10 3 .67" 295 LBS





Alpha SO Electrical Wire

Alpha SO Electrical Wire

Alpha brand SO electrical wire has PVC color coded conductors and a black neoprene jacket for protection. It's commonly used in motor controls and in-plant power distribution up to 60°C. There is an 18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/3 and 10/3 version that you can buy online by clicking the part number above.

You will receive Alpha brand material only because they have a very reputable name in the electrical wire industry. SO and SOOW cable is very similar in construction with the extra "OW" standing for oil resistant and water resistant jacket. All other characteristics remain the same with both cables.

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