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3 Types of Rubber Insulated Electrical Wire

1. Welding Cable

3 Types of Rubber Insulated Electrical Wire If you're looking for a rubber insulated electrical wire your first choice in terms of basic construction and price would be welding cable. The main reason to switch from THHN electrical wire you welding cable is flexibility and durability. The copper strands are thinner and more flexible. The jacket is more flexible and stronger to handle day to day use in shops and garages.

If you're still unsure about welding cable compared to typical THHN building wire ask yourself this: Am I going to be using the cable like an extension cord (welding) or installing it and forgetting about it (THHN wire)?

2. Stage Lighting Cable

Stage lighting cable is an upgrade from welding cable because it has UL and CSA approvals marked on the jacket. Welding cable is typically used in shops and garages while stage lighting cable (aka entertainment cable) is used to hook up large lighting displays for stage shows and such. Have you ever seen all of the lighting pointing at a stage and wondered how they're all powered? They use stage lighting cable and it needs to be approved by UL or else it won't pass inspection.

3. DLO Cable

If you took welding cable and doubled the jacket insulation you would end up with DLO cable, or Diesel Locomotive cable. It has double rubber jackets that are approved for 2000 volts instead of 600 volts. DLO cable is UL, CSA, MSHA and RoHS compliant and used outdoors for industrial applications. It's used like an large extension cord to hook up generators and large tools on job sites that don't yet have power. It's highly doubtful that you need a DLO cable for home use.

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