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3 Types of Electrical Cables With THHN Wires

When 3 electrical cables all use the same THHN wire conductors what sets them apart? The amount of protection in the overall jacket.

1. Romex® Cable

Romex Cable Romex® cable uses THHN wires and an overall PVC jacket rated for indoor use only. The thin PVC jacket is designed to be cost effective rather than a universal cable that can be used indoors and outdoors. The jacket wraps the conductors together for ease of installation rather than protection.

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2. MC Cable

MC Cable MC Cable, or metal clad cable, is used indoors without conduit. The aluminum armor jacket acts as conduit so that you don't have to buy Romex® cable and conduit for the same installation. MC cable also uses a green THHN insulated electrical wire for a ground instead of a bare copper ground which allows it to be used outdoors.

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3. UFB Cable

UFB Cable UFB cable offers the most protection with a strong PVC jacket the covers each THHN wire individually. As you can see in the picture each electrical wire is secure in its position and it looks difficult to damage. UF stands for Underground Feeder because it can be used outdoors and directly in the ground.

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