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AA59551 Mil Spec Approved Bare Copper Wire

AA59551 Solid CopperMil spec approved wires are one of the toughest kinds of wire that you could use for your electrical connections. The word "mil spec" is not just a word; it stands for "military specifications approved" which means that this type of wires is what the military uses for their high-end computer connections and other military equipment. The AA59551 mil spec approved wire is one class of copper wire that serves two general purposes. It can serve as a ground wire for electrical wires and it can also be used to be the cable for ground wires. The most common material that is used for this type of wire is copper. Specifically, manufacturers call these wires as made of bare copper, i.e. wires that are made of solid copper. The advantage of using bare copper wires for electrical wire or grounds wires is that they generally have no insulation. You also need not to worry about the size because they also come in the size range of 26 awg to 2 awg - a wire gauge for all the sizes you might need.

As it was said earlier, the most common use of solid bare copper wire is for grounding since it has virtually no insulation at all. AA59551 mil spec approved wires can come either in solid version or a stranded version. Although generally, manufacturers produce much more solid version of bare copper wires than the stranded version because of the higher demand. This means that if you intend to have stranded version of solid bare copper wires, it would be best to call or e-mail the manufacturers first so they could provide you a quote of this version. Solid bare copper wires are also used as additional conductor for cable wires such as in MC cables. The solid bare copper wire, as a ground wire, will usually be damaged first when moisture, gas, oil, and other solvents hit the cable, so if you are going to make wires yourself, it would be good to add a strand of bare copper wires in those wires.

AA59551 mil spec approved wires are also qualified to have tin coating. If the bare copper ware is generally used for grounding, the tinned copper wires also serve the same purpose with just a little difference. First, tinned copper wires have tin. This tin coating makes the soldering process of the wire a whole lot easier. This is because the soldering lead has higher adherence to tin than to bare copper. The high adherence of soldering lead to tin makes tinned copper wires much more recommended for those who need to solder wires but are not actually experts. Examples of this people are those who are up for a soldering project but are not exactly majoring in electricity-related courses. Pretty much like it bare copper counter part, the tinned copper also doesn't have much insulation and have gauges from 26 awg to 2 awg. The conductive and non-insulating properties of this wire also make it AA59551 mil spec approved.

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