WesBell Electronics

Solid Bare Copper

Bare Solid Copper Solid copper is an uninsulated copper wire used for grounding. It comes in most electrical cables such as Romex® and UFB cable as a ground wire. MC cable comes with a ground wire as well, but it has THHN insulation in a green color to designate it as a ground wire. The reason it has insulation is so that it can be run outdoors and in conduit without the scare of moisture hitting the bare copper wire.

Our bare copper electrical wire has a military approval code of AA59551 on each and every gauge size available. Solid copper #8 is the most popular awg size used based on volume of electrical wire here at WesBell Electronics. Some customers order our solid bare copper for arts and crafts projects as a hanger or basket handle along with many other variations.

We have 100', 500' and 1000' spools available for purchase online or you can call our customer service representatives if you need something in between or a higher quantity for a better price. We offer free shipping on all of our electrical wire and cable on orders over $250.00 so that you don't have to worry about figuring our the best shipping rate.

Please call with any questions you might have.