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3 Types of Bare Copper Wire

1. Soft Drawn Bare Copper

3 Ways to Use Copper MC Cable Soft drawn bare copper wire is the most popular version and probably what you'll find when searching for bare copper or solid copper. The term soft drawn explains it pretty well because the copper is solid but soft enough to bend and wrap around corners. Bare copper is used for grounding and overhead drive transmission installations.

2. Hard Drawn Bare Copper

Hard drawn copper wire has a coating over it to give it a bit of protection and to strengthen the wire. You'll notice when holding it that the soft drawn is much easier to bend than the hard drawn. Sometimes a stiff wire is easier to install when the application isn't bending around corners. Both types of bare copper are approved with Mil Spec AA59551.

3. Stranded Bare Copper

If you require superior flexibility then you should consider using stranded bare copper. Using multiple thinner strands bundled together will give the wire more movement and bend ability which may be helpful in some situations. All three types of bare copper conduct the same amount of electricity. The differences lie in the type of installation and preference of the user.

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