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Alpha FIT Fabric Heat Shrink Tubing

Alpha Heat Shrink Tubing 2 to 1

Flexible Silicone Rubber Shrinkable Tubing


  • Temperature range -75°C to +200°C
  • 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
  • 4 foot lengths or spools
  • Colors: Gray only


  • Tensile strength: 600 psi
  • Ultimate elongation: 250%
  • Longitudinal shrinkage: -15%

Chemical Properties:

  • Corrosive effect: Passes copper stability test
  • Specific gravity 1.25
  • Fungus resistant: No growth


  • Highest flexibility available
  • Flexibility in widest temperature range
  • Scrape abrasion resistance
  • Pliability when substrate requires "give"
  • Flame retardant
  • Use with robotic cables
  • Automation equipment dressing
  • Environments with varied temperatures
  • Fiber optic cable bundles
  • Assemblies and harnesses requiring flexibility
  • XTRA Guard Flexible Cable applications

Part Number Minimum I.D. Minimum Recovered I.D. Recovered Wall Thickness
Alpha FIT FLEX 2 .112" .070" .040"
Alpha FIT FLEX 3 .190" .116" .040"
Alpha FIT FLEX 5 .305" .184" .040"
Alpha FIT FLEX 6 .391" .240" .060"
Alpha FIT FLEX 9 .588" .357" .060"
Alpha FIT FLEX 12 .825" .475" .080"
Alpha FIT FLEX 20 1.22" .790" .080"




Alpha FIT Flex Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing

FIT Flex Heat Shrink Tubing

This page focuses on the Alpha FIT Flex heat shrink tubing. It's a 1.70 to 1 shrinkable tubing manufactured with flexible silicone rubber material with a temperature range of -75°C to 200°C. It's most commonly used for robotic cables, automation equipment dressing, environments with varied temperatures, fiber optic cable bundles and assemblies and harnesses requiring flexibility.

In the manufacturing process FIT Flex heat shrink tubing features the highest flexibility available, flexibility in widest temperature range, scrape abrasion resistance, pliability when substrate requires give and flame retardancy. Alpha Wire recommends using the FIT Flex shrinkable tubing with their Xtra Guard Flexible Cables material.

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