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XTRA Guard 4

Alpha XTRA Guard 4 Cables

With computers efficiently monitoring and controlling multi-million dollar production lines, Alpha Wire wants to make sure your lines never get shut down due to poor manufacturing of a cable. Alpha XTRA guard has been engineered to out last any other cable in any electronic application. There are now 6 versions of the Alpha XTRA guard material including flexible cables, supra-shielded cables, high and low temperature cables and extra rugged jackets for tough applications.

Alpha XTRA Guard 4 electronic cables are for unmatched cable performance in both high and low temperature cable applications from -60°C to 125°C. It has outstanding resistance to oils, fuels, solvents, water, low HCL content for safety and passes the 210,000 BTU flame test. XTRA Guard 4 features color coded TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) insulated conductors and a TPE jacket in both 300 and 600 volt UL cable styles.

XTRA Guard 4 is most commonly used in wood, paper, pulp and plant operations, mining instruments and controls, mass transit systems, food and beverage plants, petrochemical process controls and arctic pipeline controls. It comes in 300 volt, 600 volt, shielded, unshielded, multiconductor and multipair options in 24 awg through 14 awg. There is also an option for an Alpha Wire supra shield which is an aluminum foil shield with a braid shield over it for ultimate protection. We also offer FREE SHIPPING over $250.00 and stock this material in many different areas throughout the USA. Call now (800) 334-8400!